November 17, 2009

Bck . . .

well i haven't bought a pair of shoes, or ANY clothing in like months . This is changing VERY VERY SOON ! sneaker summit Dec. 27th & my nigga brandon wants a table soooo time to pick up some heat :)

October 25, 2009


This month Gucci's Drop & they are a DEFINITE COP ! Not tryna start hype or makre these shoes seem like heat but i jst like gucci soooo i'm getting these no matter what lol . i got my Whole outfit ready for these badboys lol . Release Date not certain yet but i'm getting em regardless .
Bad Resolution and very noisey but you get idea .

October 8, 2009

Caillou .

well today in Pre-Cal, we were making fun of asian people lol . Not because we're assholes, but this dude, Edward, in my class is Chinese and we like to bug him . We got on the subject of people that look asian . For example, Taylor Swift has asian eyes . Lacey (the girl that sits beside me) says that he doesn't look that asian and that he look less asian that caillou . First off, how the HELL did she get caillou out of any of this ? the kid is not asian . he is a white boy with cancer . everyone laughed and agreed with me but she kept on insisting that caillou is asian, his name is asian, he has asian eyes, he's bald like asian people . i told her she was stupid, monks are asian . like the poeple off avatar, that has NOTHING to do with Caillou lol . we went on wikipedia and looked it up . this is what we got .
caillou Pictures, Images and Photos
Caillou is a children's television show based on the books by Christine L'Heureux and illustrator Hélène Desputeaux. Many of the stories in the animated version begin with a grandmother (who is also the show's narrator) introducing the story to her grandchildren, then reading the story out of the book. Caillou first aired on Canada's Teletoon channel in 1998; it later made its US debut on PBS on September 4, 2000. The action of the story takes place in Canada, though that is never explicitly referenced in the dialogue. In French, caillou usually means "pebble" or "stone", but it can also mean "bald head", which was most likely the writer's intention. The official Caillou website answers the common question "Why is Caillou bald?" by explaining that the original storybook character of Caillou was much younger than the television character, and like many very young children, had no hair.

Basically, a cover up for his cancer lmaoo .

October 1, 2009

School !

Today is Thursday and i've taken a total of 11 tests so far . Not to mention the OTHER English and Physics i have tmrw . What is wrong with L.C.I.S.D ? i dnt even know what it feels like to stay up late anymore . I'm lucky to be up at 10:30 lol . School is a bust !

September 27, 2009

Random lol

i was going through my photobucket
and liked these . . .



Danielle Hordge


Where do i begin lol . Well, it started shortly after i moved back to Houston . I moved to eaglewood and was attending Barbara Jordan Elementary . I was in the 4th grade . From the like first week of school i developed a strong dislike for this girl lmao . She called me fat, made fun of my glasses, and called me a cowboy cuz my mom made me wear Ralph Lauren button up everyday :( I eventually picked up on the trend and startedd making fun of her and everyone else who called me fat . This is what made the rude, asshole Timothy Dare you know to this day lol . But after 4th grade, we cooled it a little and actually started having convo's and talking like kids do . She's a super cool chick besides when you make fun of her . After elementary school she went to Garcia MS and i went to Hodges Bend MS . i guess the split made her miss me and she found me on myspace or something in 7th grade and couldn't believe fat ass Timothy had abs HAHA . ever since then we've been close and talk all the timee . She had a baby boy a little while ago too and i guess the mommy hood made her want even more closure sooo we've been getting to know each other more and more . We talk about the stupidest things too : Ramen Noodles, people who wear leather, shoes, buses lol . i LOVE danielle and i wish her the best in EVERYTHING she gets into . and i hope i get to teach her son a few things while he grows up too :) get to knoe her !

September 26, 2009

Nike Sb High Hairs

Just Bought . Nothing to get excited over but i like em :]



Next Copps coming soon . . . lol
BTW, Shoes "arouse" me .

v. a·roused, a·rous·ing, a·rous·es
1. To awaken from or as if from sleep.
2. To stir up; excite:
3. To stimulate sexual desire in.

LMAO at #3 haha .

I'm an Idiot :(

WOW ! NO ONE told me the fair was soooo STUPID ! Last night, There was a $HOEHEAD party at Bar Rio, Team Polo Party at the Tiffany Hall & a House Party in Mo City . My dumbass chose to go to the Fort Bend County Fair because alot of people kept telling me too, its fun, you've never been so come and see what it's like, all that nonsense . NEVER AGAIN ! the fair is FOOLISH and i will not be going again . First off, people said the first day to go was free so i thought i'd be saving myself money going . WRONG ! its free before 6, i had to pay $10 to stay at that crappy place . Not to mention that doesn't include tickets for rides and food ! i didn't come with too much money cuz i thought it was free, i was jst gonna buy something on the way home cuz i know i'd have the munchies, so i owe cherrick $6 now . Second off, all the rides took four tickets . thats $4 for me & another $4 for the girl i'm riding with . soo i'm basically buying another ticket, Taylor (girl that ends up taking me home) really wanted to get on this stupid thing called The Ring Of Fire, soo i went to an ATM and took out $20 . i was supposed to be buying some shoes though soo now because of the fair i can't :( we got in line for this ridee at 9:18, yes i looked at the exact time, we got on it right before 10 ! RIDICULOUS ! & lastly, i went up there with like 3 dudes i kick it with, they ended up leaving me to take some girls home they didn't even do anything with :( luckily, the love of my life, Taylor Cooper, said she'd take me homee . You know how that ended :) lol i love you taylor :]

September 24, 2009

Nike Sb Tiffany Lows

Currently the Love of My Life lol


These WILL be mine . . . Eventually :(

My First Blog :D

Hmmmmmm, this is EXCITING :) My very first blog . Well first off, if you don't know me, barely know me or don't remember me, you will now !